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Four Unique Wedding Trends to Consider

Every bride is different and every wedding has a different vibe. Couples work hard to create something unique that separates their special day from others. Brides don’t want to be ordinary. 2018 was full of distinctive wedding day must haves. Here are four popular trends that will continue well into the 2019 summer wedding season and well beyond.

Circle hoops are sign of infinity and what better way to decorate a venue than with hoops. The circle hoops with greenery and a touch of floral made their way onto the wedding scene and will continue to be a go to for couples. Three hoops can symbolize you, me and us. The symbolic circle reminds couples of the wedding ring and will continue to be a wedding favorite.

Single serving cakes are hot right now and it gives guests options. Tiered cakes are beautiful and traditional but if a couple is looking for something special then try cupcakes, individual size cakes, pies and even macaroons. The options are endless so ask your local baker about other unique options. The best part of deciding what sweet treat you will be feeding your guests is the taste testing so step outside the cake box.

Potted plants are perfect for couples looking for something that will last. Even though flowers are always a nice touch, potted plants can double as keepsakes. Share with your wedding party, in laws, loved ones and even vendors. Potted plans come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for centerpieces, creating an aisle and even the unity table.

Don't let the ‘truck’ in food trucks fool you and don’t let the ‘food’ in food truck limit you. The favorite Prosecco truck is one of the of the best trucks yet. Use carts, trucks and even wagons to serve dinner, drinks or even sweet treats. The options are endless and the food trucks create a unique experience for guests. If you are looking for a socializing reception instead of a sit down dinner, consider a food truck for your special day.

Weddings are a day to celebrate and why not make it unique. Keep in mind that options are endless and it’s an experience couples want to provide. Talk to vendors, look at pictures and decide what fits into the wedding day budget and give your guests something to talk about for years to come.

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